Organize It Now

Organize Basement Tips

Need to tackle the organize basement project? Yes, it's probably been on your to-do list for a while and just even trying to get started seems like a chore in itself.Check out these tips including how to organize basement with senitmentals.

Organize basement to get rid of mess like thisDetermine Mini Goals to Organize Basement

If your basement is just too large of a job to get done in a single day, break it up into a few days. Try a schedule like this one:

  • Day 1 - Throw out everything that is old, outdated, broken, items you never use again.
  • Day 2 - Measure your storage area and buy some storage containers and shelving units and/or hooks
  • Day 3 - Sort and stora all the items you are keeping in closets on the shelves and hooks.

How to Handle Things With Sentimental Value

If a bit of time has passed since you've last done your organize basement project, be aware that you may be taking a trip down memory lane when you come across items like old photos, sports equipment, games, etc.. When you do come across these types of belongings, try to put them to one side until you have finished completing your organizing goal for the day. Then later on, perhaps after dinner, take the time to reminisce with your family on the things that you have discovered. This way, you will be certain to complete what you had intended to accomplish.

Organize Basement With Some Family Fun

Make it a family event and make if fun by turning it into a game, with a task assigned to each and every person. You may even want to time the tasks with a timer and reward those who meet their goals with a prize. Work in some music, upbeat and fast music is best to get everyone motivated to move. Plan a final reward after the family event, such as a pizza-party afterwards to celebrate a job well done!

Organize basement to find everything you need in a moment's noticeUse Your Space to the Maximum

Remember to look up! Use your wall space by hanging hooks and pegboards. Maximize space with shelving. Perhaps you have a big empty closet - you can put a utility shelf inside it. Or pick up some clear, plastic containers to store holiday decorations, out-of-season clothing and other things that you aren't using.

Keep Widgets to a Minimum

Resist your urges to keep every what-cha-ma-call-it and thing-a-ma-jig you come across. If you find something that you don't know what it belongs to or what it is, it should be thrown away.

Designate a Donation Box

Keep a big donation box nearby so that when you are organizing and discover items that you no longer need, but are in still good condition, simply put it in this box. Then be sure to bring the box to your favorite charity the next day. There are some places that even pick up your donation from your house, like Big Brothers. Just think of all the people that would be grateful and happy for your gifts.

Organize basement quickly with the help of a professional organizer