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Organize bedroom to create a peaceful havenBedrooms these days are used for several purposes. Some people still do use their bedroom just for sleeping. However, others combine their bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and living room all in the same room! Regardless of how the room is used, it is important to organize bedroom area to be a peaceful haven. An organized bedroom is the place you can go to at the end of a very long day to relax, unwind and rejuvenate.

Your bedroom is also the first thing you see when you eyes first open up every morning. It sets the stage of how you will feel for the rest of your day. If you open your eyes to a room full of clutter, you will be sure to start your day feeling overwhelmed. On the other hand, if you open your eyes to an organized bedroom, there's a pretty good chance that you will feel a great sense of motivation that will carry you through the rest of your day.

To organize a bedroom, there are 4 simple steps: purging, sorting, cleaning and maintaining.

Step 1 - Organize Bedroom by Purging

Begin by throwing away all garbage that is under the bed. This is a quick way to make the room feel tidier and creates greater space to organize everything else in the room. Then tackle the any drawers, closet and other storage areas and be ruthless in what you decide to purge and throw away. If you haven't worn it in 6 months, be sure to get rid of it!

Step 2 - Organize Bedroom by Sorting

Sort by removing the clutter and act quickly. Make the hard decision later. Focus on your goal of getting as much stuff out of your way as quickly as possible. If you cannot decide upon an item, move it out of the way for now.

When coming across things that belong in another room, place them in a pile labeled "Goes Elsewhere". Be sure to pick up ALL items that are cluttering your bedroom.

Step 3 - Organize Bedroom with the Clean Sweep

Once the clutter is removed, give your bedroom a complete cleaning.

  • Wash your sheets and remake your bed.

  • Pick up all of the dirty laundry and put it in the laundry room, sort it and keep it going until all of the laundry has been washed, dried and put away.

  • If there are any window curtains, take these down and put them in the dryer to get rid of the dust.

  • Wash all blinds and windows, inside and out.

  • Vacuum, be sure to use the crevice attachment and get into the corners and along the walls. Use the extension attachment to clear dust and cobwebs from the ceiling.
  • Dust all surfaces areas, including the bed headboard, footboards, and all wall hangings.

  • Wash the overhead light fixture and dust and wash the ceiling fan blades.

Step 4 - Organize Bedroom and Keep it that Way!

Once you have organized your bedroom, you will want to maintain it. Follow these simple guidelines to keep your room looking its best.

  • If there are kids in the house, make a new rule that there are no toys allowed in the master bedroom - this is your space and the children have plenty of other areas to spill over in.

  • Take the two minutes to make your bed each morning.

  • Every morning, open your curtains or blinds and let the natural light in. If the sunshine streams in, it will make your bedroom feel warm and cozy. This feeling will start to grow on you and you will be more apt to keep the bedroom looking tidy and clean.

  • Wash your bed sheets, vacuum and dust thoroughly at least once a week.

  • If you keep a laundry hamper in your bedroom, be sure it's kept under control. A good habit to get into is doing one load of laundry a day.

  • Use your nightstand drawers or a small storage bin under your bed for projects or books that you might work on or read when in bed.

Following the above steps will help keep your bedroom from looking cluttered. If you find that you are slipping slightly again, simply go back to the Clean Sweep step and start the process again.

Now that you know the steps in how to organize a bedroom, you will quickly discover the satisfaction of reclaiming your own peaceful haven.

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