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Car Organizer

We spend a lot of time in our cars - whether it is the daily commute, being the family taxi or summer vacations.

Did you know that nearly 80 percent of all US domestic trips are taken by car or an RV? Having a least one car organizer in your vehicle assists in minimizing the dangers of reaching for things while driving.

Most female drivers say that having car organizer systems makes them safer drivers and helps them keep their eyes on the road. If their children are organized and are able to reach for drinks and toys on their own, they are less likely to distract the driver.

Car Organizer Solutions

  • A First Aid Kit and Flashlight. No need to have a bulky and elaborate kit that has stuff in it that you will never use. A small First Aid kit will do - or you can make your own, by including a few adhesive bandages, some antiseptic wips and a small bottle of Tylenol. Be sure to periodically check your flashlight batteries, even if you haven't used it.
  • Garbage Container. It's good to have one in both the front and the back. Keep a supply of plastic or resealable bags in the car and empty them out, each time you stop for gas.
  • Toiletries. It's amazing how many small things can go wrong during a somewhat short drive. You spill your coffee on your blouse, you chip a nail, you put your heel through your hem, all before you reach your destination. You may want to make a "Survival Kit" which includes stain remover, a nail file, and perhaps some stain remover.
  • Food. You may not have realized it, until you felt a little woozy - you worked through your lunch and now you are on your way to meet a client. You could be coming down with the flu, but it's more likely your body speaking to you that you are running on empty. Keeping an energy bar, bag of nuts or some trail mix could make all the difference between a fantastic meeting and a badly timed mood swing!
  • Office supplies. Now while it's not recommended that taking a conference call in the middle of rush hour traffic, there may be some times when you arrive at an appointment a little too early that it's unfashionably early and you have the opportunity to finish a few things on your "To Do" list. You may want to have a "Mobile Office" handy which includes essential office supplies such as a pen and pencil, paper clip and stapler, post-it notes and a highlighter too.
  • Trunk Car Organizer. Keep the back seat of your car looking neat and organized by having a sturdy cardboard box in your trunk which acts as a "catch-all" for all loose items. Also be sure to do your part in reducing waste by reusing cloth bags at the grocery store, instead of disposible plastic bags. When you bring your purchases home, fold up your empty bags and then store them in the car trunk ready for your next store trip.
  • The perfect gift.  Have handy some blank note cards and a couple of store gift cards in your glove box and you’ll always be prepared showing up at a birthday luncheon with a card.

Taking a few of these car organizer ideas and putting them into play in your everyday life can reduce stress and even prevent accidents!

Car organizer ideas are plentiful when you work with a professional organizer