Organize It Now

Closet Organization Made Easy

Closet organization can help closets that look like this photoCloset organization is a cleansing and uplifting task... once it's completed! You will also probably feel a few pounds lighter when you purge the no longer wanted items.

If you are looking for an exercise to muster up your courage, why not start small with a hallway closet first, before you tackle the large master bedroom for closet organization.

Follow this 5 easy steps including how to sort your items for the quickest way to closet organization.

#1 Step in Closet Organization

Begin with a clean slate. This means remove everything from your closet and do a big dump. It's only short-term, as you will be sorting through your items. However, you will want to make sure you have a day where you can take every single item out of your closet.

Since the closet is bare, this is a good opportunity to give it a quick vacuum and wash down the floor and walls to tidy up the space.

#2 Step in Closet Organization

Now that you are working with a clean slate, you need to sort through each item and place it into one of the following categories:

  • Keep for daily wear
  • Keep for special occassion
  • Donate or Give Away
  • Garbage

Use your bed for sorting out the piles, or a nearby bedroom, depending upon the space available to you.

#3 Step in Closet Organization

Allow for time to try on clothes. You may require time to help you decide upon which pile a certain garment should go in. Give yourself time to try things on to make sure they still fit, before committing them in the "Keep" piles.

If you try something on and it doesn't quite fit the way it should right now, but you are very certain that it will fit perfectly very soon, then it should go in the "Special Occasions" pile. However, make sure you are being very honest with yourself during this process. Be absolutely very selective about the things you don't fit in right now and want to keep. Remember, the more room you make by clearing things out, the more room you have to buy NEW things that do fit right now and will make you feel absolutely fabulous!

#4 Step in Closet Organization

After you have made the decisions on what to do with each and every item, then you need to figure out where you will be storing the items that you are keeping. It's best to keep the two "Keep" piles separate. For example the daily wear items should be kept in a closet that is in your bedroom and the most accessible for everyday use. The items in the special occasion pile should go in a different place. Consider using a closet in a spare bedroom or designate some space in the attic or basement. Another great space is under your bed, using plastic storage boxes or canvas garment boxes.

#5 Step in Closet Organization

The final step in closet organization is moving all your piles to the respective places. Your bedroom closet should be filled with your daily apparel. The "Special Occasion" area (spare closet, attic, basement or garmet boxes). Bags or boxes for donation are sent off to the Goodwill store, friends, your local Freecycle group, etc...

Be aware of the possibilty of changing your mind and make sure you don't! Stick to your guns and don't talk yourself into moving items from one pile to another at the last minute. Keep with your first instinct, as it is always your best choice.

Make sure you don't allow any non-clothing items back in the closet. This includes no suitcases, no vacuum cleaners, boxes, bags or linens. All of these things belong somewhere else.

Professional organizers can help you with your closet organization task