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Craft Organizing

Do you find that you spend more time searching for fabrics and materials for your craft project than the time actually making the craft? Is it continuously on your to do list, to organize your craft room? Here are some craft organizing tips to help you get started. Remember, once you are organized, your crafting productivity will increase immensely. These helpful craft organizing tips include how to use music and lighting to get you even more motivated. The challenge is to continue to keep things organized!

Craft Organizing by Separating Your Work Area

Craft organizing can produce great results like in this photo!If it's impossible for you to have a room dedicated entirely to your hobbies and crafts, then try to section off an area of a room by arranging bookshelves or funiture or use a screen so that it creates a physical separation of the room. This will keep "the mess" to one area only. Make best efforts to keep your projects confined to this area.

Craft Organizing Storage

When organizing designate a specific place for each item. No longer will you have to figure out what to do with something - the decision is already made! Have a few hours after dinner that you want to spend on crafting? But the thought of looking for things sends you straight to the couch to watch TV instead. Once you have everything organized the thought of finding things will no longer prevent you from spending as much time as you can on your art.

Find some cardboard file boxes or buy transparent plastic containers, so you can see what's inside. Organize by grouping items with common themes. You may want to put all your Christmas fabric together in one box, all purple things together, etc...

Make Craft Organizing Be Easy to Access Tools

Keep all your frequently used tools such as: sewing machine, glue gun and scissors, close at hand. The fewer steps you need to take to get your tools, the more opportunity for crafting. Create holders for your scissors, glue gun and brushes, that you can hang on the wall. Make sure you are in the habit of always putting these useful tools back from where they came from right after you are finished working with them. This small action will save you lots of time in the future!


Have a sound system available within easy reach. Handpick your own music, simply listening to the local radio station isn't the same. If you select your own music, you can adjust the type and tempo to reflect the project on hand and increase your output. Give it a try to see if it works! Check out motivational tapes, CDs, books, etc... Here's an opportunity to learn while you work.


Thinking about correct lighting is well worth the planning time. It's super important to your health, and it contributes to your mental attitude. Try to use as much natural lighting as possible. If you don't have enough windows in a room, consider having one put in, if possible. Natural light is an automatic mood booster!

Craft Organizing Worktable

Check out the second hand store and see if you can pick up and old table. Since it's been well used in the past, you won't have to worry if the glue or paint that you spilled will come off. If sewing is your crafting passion, then an investment in a higher cutting table may be worth your while in saving yourself from some backaches.

Craft organizing using vertical spaceCraft Organizing by Using Vertical Space for Storage

Pick everything off the floor and all surface areas, like countertops. Your investment in shelving units or pegboard walls, will be well worth it.

Keep Realistic

Are you collecting supplies from twenty years ago? Chances are if you haven't used them yet, you won't be using them in the near future. Do a thorough sorting and donate your unused craft supplies to a retirement center, community arts council or day care. It will make you feel fantastic to clean it all up and know that you have helped a good cause!

Put It Back!

Now that you are organized, the best way to stay organized, is to put things back. Once you are finished with an item, put it back in it's designated spot and you'll be sure to find it again next time in no time at all!

Tidy Up

Invest in 10 to 15 minutes at the end of each day cleaning up. If you need to, set a stopwatch. Keeping your workroom clean and organized for the next day will make you more motivated to start. The following day you will feel you are starting fresh.

Finally, the best craft organizing tip, is to break down organizing jobs into smaller parts!

Organize It Now!

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