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Organize Desk

Step 6. To organize desk, place items in containers and storage areas that are suited for them. Here are some examples:

Action items may be stored on your desktop either in:
(a) a paper tray, if you don't have very little material or
(b) multiple stacking paper trays or a vertical file holder if you have enough material to sort into different categories, such as priority levels or types of activities (e.g., TO DO, TO PAY, TO READ, TO FILE).

If your activities are date related, a tickler system made up of one file folder for each day of the Organize desk with a caddy like this onemonth, then a file folder for each month and the next few years in the future. With a system like this, you store action items in the folders that correspond with the appropriate day, month or year that they need to be completed.

Keep supplies like pens/pencils, paper clips, rubber bands, post-it notes, scratch paper, and white out in desktop supply caddies or drawer divider trays designed to organize such items.

Place the items you require clear viewing under a clear desk pad or in an organized manner on a tack board over your desk (attaching items directly on to the wall is not recommended, as this tends to give a messy look and taking something off may damage the wall covering). Store computer disks in containers designed to hold them.

Step 7. If you have an assortment of knickknacks, you may want to reduce the number of them to a minimum (you don't need five pictures of your kids), and place them in areas on or above your desk that will not interfere with your work.

Step 8. Remember to leave some clear space on your desktop so that you have room to write, which will also give your desk a tidy appearance.

Maintenance Tips to Keep an Organize Desk

Organize desk and increase your productivity as you will find everything that you are looking forWhen you've have an organize desk, you will be inspired to keep it that way. Here are a few maintenance tips to help you achieve this:

  • Decide immediately about what to do with each item that comes to your desk. Try not to fall into the trap of "I'll just putit here for now".
  • Place the item in its designated place, which could be a specific drawer, trash/recycle bin, paper tray, etc...
  • If you are having problems deciding what to throw away, go through the following desk organizer list of questions.
  • If you need to keep files on your desk, make an appointment with yourself to periodically go through them (at least once a month) to get rid of any old information.
  • After you have finished using something, put it back in it's proper place right away.
  • If you can't put something away right away, all of the time, take a few minutes at the end of each workday to straighten up your desk.
  • Cleaning up right away only takes a few minutes, maybe ten at the most. It is much easier to clean up a day's worth of mess than one that has accumulated over a week, month or year.
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