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Family Organization Tips

Throw a few kids in the mix and family organization, including time management skills become super important in keeping it all together! This tips may help you keep your sanity in organizing your family, including the family organization tip for saving kids clothes by weight, not just by size! Read on for more details to help you with your family.

Family organization includes limiting the number of toysFamily Organization - Limit the Toys. It's amazing, the less they have to play with, the more they really do play with them. If it's hard for you to purge toys, put them on rotation schedule. Afterall the less they have, the less that will need to be picked up.

Family Organization Begins With Chores at an Early Age. The chore assigned will depend upon the age and size of the child. If a child is fairly big for his age, he may be able to do tasks such as taking out the garbage at an earlier age. Even a 2 year old is capable of taking their plate into the kitchen and cleaning up after themselves - to a certain extent.

Family Organization - Use Drive-Throughs for Time Management - Take advantage of drive throughs whenever you possibly can. Convenience stores, banks and dry cleaners are now offering this service. This comes in handy when the children are in the car and are asleep and you still have a few things left to do on your list. Even if they aren't sleeping it will save you time from getting the kids in and out of car seats and in and out of stores.

Family Organization - Plan your Errands. List all your errands that need to be done and plan them out in a circle, with home being the start and finish of your route. By avoiding the zig zagging to places you will save a lot of time and gas.

Family Organization - Save Children's Clothes by Weight. Clothes fit differently depending upon the manufactures and they shrink with the many washes. If you save clothing by the ages stated on the garment, it may not fit by the time a younger child is ready to wear it. It's better to store these clothes in boxes that are labeled by the weight the child was when they grew into it and grew out of it. This is particularly helpful for clothes under size 5. After size 5, clothes seem to be more consistent in fit.

Family Organization - Family Time Dental Trips. Plan your dental trips as family time. Go with your spouse and as one is in the dental chair, the other one is holding the child in the waiting room. When the children are older, you can leave them and do some shopping errands. Simply have the dentist call you on your cell phone when they are done. Remember to combine as many errands together as possible.

Family Organization - Limit the Number of Activities. This will save your sanity of racing around to different activities. Our society tends to be an over-achieving one. Children are scheduled more heavily then adults with swimming, T-ball, ballet, piano, soccer, scouting, and baseeball. Decide on only one or two activities per year. It becomes even more challenging when there are more than one child doing multiple activities. It's okay to have children play in the backyard with friends and not be scheduled every moment of the day.

Family Organization - Clean up Along the Way - Very basic, yes, but if pots are washed and put away, as they are done using them, there is less cleanup after the meal is over. Even by simply wiping down counters and stovetops helps keep things somewhat neat until cleanup time.

Family Organization Includes Family Routines - Children benefit from routines and so do adults. Adult routines may include doing a load of laundry a day to keep it away. Or perhaps starting the dishwasher right before bed and unloading it first thing in the morning to avoid dishes from piling up.

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