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Garage Organization

Garage organization made easy, by keeping like items togetherGarage organization is all about making your garage reflect you in terms of your needs, along with making the most of the available space you have to work with. Maximizing your space can be done by using a number of garage organization products.

The true test is asking yourself: "Can you find anything in your garage?" Yes, there may be quite a bit of stuff in your garage, but can you find that hammer when you really need it, or is it simply too much work and just easier to go out and buy a new one?

Garage organization may be on your to-do list that seems to never come off the to-do list... as it seems to be the job that keeps getting pushed to the next weekend. What's overlooked is the true value in garage organization - the benefit of saving time when you are looking for a particular tool in a real hurry.

Garage Organization - Where to Start?

Begin by removing everything from the garage. Get rid of the garbage and see what is really causing all of the mess.

Open up the garage door and let the fresh air flow in. Then, take the bigger items out of the garage, such as the lawnmover, or other large yard tools and supplies. Clean off all the items from the floor, as much as possible so that you have room to move around.

Now step back and have a good look at what you have available to you to work with. Do you have tables, shelves or attic storage? Take inventory of where you are able to store items and decide where everything should be place. When doing this, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which tools do I use very often?
  • Which tools do I rarely touch?
  • Which tools do I need handy and fast when I do need them?
  • Do I really need that box of moldy, damp books?

The purpose in asking yourself these questions is to identify how you should organize your garage to be as convenient to your needs as much as possible. Section off your garage to house like items together. For example, keep all of your yard tools along one section of the wall or in one corner. Keep the rakes, pruners, lawn gloves and anything else that is used for yard maintenance in this area. Similarly, organize a section completely devoted to hand tools like wrenches and screwdrivers. Keeping like items together will help you find the in the future much faster.

Garage organization using storage pulleys for bike storageReduce your personal belongings as much as possible so that they take the very least amount of space. Do you find that you have multiple items of the same type? Perhaps do some good and donate some to a church or sell them on eBay or Craigslist. Throughout the process, you may find that even with all your purging that you just don't have enough room for everything. The shelves are full and to the point of tipping. The garage attic is completely full and there is still absolutely no way that a car would be able to fit in your garage.

If this is your case, you may have not thought to look up! Not necessarily in the attic, but look up at the ceiling. Garage organization products today include a number of overhead storage solutions designed to get items off the ground and over your head.

Garage Organization - Rack Storage

Rack storage is a perfect garage organization solution for storing boxes and other packaged items. They are super easy to install since they simply get screwed into your ceiling rafters. The amount of weight they can hold is quite a bit, but you will still want to be aware of weight limits before storing anything too heavy on them. The best advantage is that. The best part is that all the stored items are completely visible. This way if you need to get at those Christmas decorations, you wil be able to locate them very quickly.

Garage Organization - Storage Pulleys

Are you an avid sports enthusiast? Have lots of gear and maybe a bike or two that gets in your way? Storage pulleys are the perfect solution for getting bikes out of your way by lifting them into the air. The best way to use the space is by installing the storage pulley close to the wall.

Garage Organization - Garage Lift

Garage lifts are some what like the storage pulley systems but are made to handle a much heavier and bulkier load. Some garage lifts can handle loads of up to 100 lbs.

Garage Organization - Heavy Lift Hoists

When your load is super heavy and you have items weighing up to 250 lbs, the heavy lift hoist is the solution for you. This garage organization product has a hoist that raises and lowers a storage lift using a gear drive.


Garage organization is made easier with a help from a professional organizer