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Declutter House - 15 Great Decluttering Tips for Your Home

To declutter house in an easy way is to simply go through your stuff, one area at a time, such as a closet or drawer and get rid of all that you don't absolutely need or items that you don't love and use often.

Those who consistently struggle with clutter may not be able take this approach. Therefore, these 15 declutter house tips, including declutter house by writing it down, may provide suggestions for a quick fix.

Declutter house, including closets like this one
  1. Take 15 minutes each day to dedicate to reduce home clutter. Over time these small increments will give you big results!
  2. Once you have dedicated yourself to your declutter house project, stop the insanity from continuing - don’t allow things into the house in the first place. Stop allowing new stuff from entering your house NOW. This could also be a good starting point, even if the declutter house project has not begun as of yet. Start with the habit of "no-more-stuff". By doing this, you have taken one step already by preventing from making the problem worse.
  3. Donate the items you no longer need as a decluttering strategy. You won't feel bad if you know it's going to a good home that can use it more than your home.
  4. Begin decluttering by working at one corner of the room and moving around in a sequential fashion, starting with the superficial stuff first - surfaces, emptying bins. Repeat in the same fashion, but delve into decluttering on a deeper level such as opening cupboards.
  5. Use otherwise "wasted time" waiting for stuff more wisely. For example, if you are boiling the kettle for tea, do a quick sweep of tidying up the kitchen. while you wait. If the kitchen is already clutter free, the go to the adjacent room. It may be only 3 minutes, but it will help keep clutter away.
  6. Follow the rule of “one in, two out” - whenever you bring an item in the house, declutter by throwing two other items away.
  7. Create storage space that is purposefully smaller and more minimal. If you have lots of storage, there is a good chance that you will fill it to the brim!
  8. Keep clothing from cluttering up your closets by getting rid of all items that you have not worn in 1 year. Remove clothing by selling or donating.
  9. Designate a One-Year Box. If you are not certain whether or not you want to get rid of a particular item. For example if you are in decluttering and you think you might need the item someday, put it in this one-year box, close it up and with a fat magic marker write an expiration date on the box for 1 year fin the future. When this date comes and you realize that you have not opened this box to get what's inside it, donate the box WITHOUT OPENING IT (this is absolutely the most important point). Chances are that you can't even remember what was in the box.
  10. Completely declutter one room (including any cabinets, desk drawers, closets, etc.) before starting on the next room. Once you have declutter it completely and spend time in it, you will feel motivated to keep it clean and declutter another part of your home.
  11. Believe that your worth and value is not in your "belongings". It is just "stuff". Recognize that your worth grows when you share your "stuff". Keeping it to yourself is a selfish act.
  12. Gift absolutely everything. Finishing reading a book? Pay it forward and share it with friends, family or your local library.

Declutter House - Write It Down!

  1. Create an ongoing list in notebook that you carry in your purse all the time called “Don’t Need It - Don’t Want It.” This will come in handy when you are shopping and come across a gadget or another item that you feel you need to buy on impulse. Instead of buying it, jot the name of the item down in this “Don’t Need It - Don’t Want It.”list. By doing this, it will slow you down long enough to reconsider. Also, when you refer to your list and see all the other things that you nearly bought on impulse brings a perspective of reality.
  2. Create a "declutter house calendar". Determine if your goal is to declutter either daily or 3 times a week (or whatever increment you feel you can commit to). Check off the days when you have successfully dedicated time to the declutter house project. As you have more and more check marks on your calendar you will feel rewarded with a great sense of accomplishment.

Declutter House by Getting Help

  1. Ask for someone to help you go through your belongings to help your declutter house task. Since they don't have the emotional attachment to your belongings like you do, they can help you make the decision on whether or not it should stay. Better yet, have a professional organizer help you through this process. They are trained to help you understand and get through the decluttering process in record time!

Declutter house faster with hiring a professional organizer