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Home Clutter: 6 Steps to a Clutter Free Home

Corral in your home clutter and reap the rewards of giving yourself more time and the freedom to do what you really want to do and love and less time on taking care of things such as trying to find mislaid stuff .

Home clutter can be reduced by following these tipsWhen thinking about home clutter, you may have questions such as: What are you going to do with everything you have collected over the years? When will you have the tme to get rid of this enormous amount of home clutter? If these are some of your questions, it may be time for you to weed out your unnecessary belongings. These 6 steps include reducing home clutter by containerizing and will get you started on getting a clutter free home!

Why Cut Down on Home Clutter?

Getting rid of home clutter is a step-by-step process. To get everything to a manageable level, it will take you more than a few days or weeks - even if you worked around the clock! However, in the end, your ongoing dedication to cut down clutter. Once you get your home clutter in control, staying organized is a much easier task. If you have a family, you will need to enlist their help. Getting them to help will benefit them about learning a thing or two about conquering and controlling the clutter in their life. Lifelong skills will be learned in the process as well. And they will get the extra benefit of knowing how to get their own clutter free home for when they are older.

Home Clutter Reduction Step #1 - Put Everything Away

Begin with a "put away" session in the high traffic areas. Typically this would be the family room and kitchen, as they are the most used rooms in the house. Pick up all the stuff that has been dropped on a couch, chair, counter, etc. and put it in one pile. Then put everything in one room back into the room each item belongs. Kids can easily help in this first step. Make it a game, where they are going to play the "Put Away" game for 20 minutes. Set the timers and then start putting away!

Here's an example of how to reduce home clutter:

  • Toys - put in kids room
  • Mail - put in Mom or Dad's office
  • Board games - put in family room

Simply focus in on getting all that does not belong in this one room ONLY, by putting it in the right room. Once you have fully completed this room, you can move on to another room. Room by room you will conquor the home clutter in your home!

Home Clutter Reduction Step #2 - Containerize

Storage containers have improved greatly over the past ten years. You will find an abundance of selection available in your nearest Walmart, IKEA or similar store. The key is not to go and buy containers right away. Simply window shop first to see what is available and take mental notes of what is available (or photos with your iPhone, if you have one), what appeals to you and of course, your budget. Then when you are decluttering your home clutter, think back to the containers that struck your fancy and think about the containers that would be of use to each room that are functional as well as fit in with your décor. There are some beautiful baskets and decorative boxes that can be pretty and store things too! No need to store everything in inaccessible areas such as boxes in the garage or attic. Try purchasing containers instead that match the décor in each room and decoratively place them so that no one will even notice they are being used for storage. What a clever solution, not to mention you will have more items within hands reach!

Read on for house clutter tips #3, 4, 5 & 6!

Use the above organizing ideas to help you get organized and your household will be free of clutter, and stress free. At the very least, stress free... Read as much as you can on this website to get free organizing ideas or enlist the help of a professional if you need to keep you on the right path to an organized and productive life.

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