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House Clutter: 6 Steps to a Clutter Free House

Read on for steps 3 to 6 on how get a clutter free house. Learn how to utilize your space to the max to reduce house clutter.

Organize your home to have more free timeHouse Clutter Reduction Step #3 - Categorize

When you have a challenging area that may overwhelm you, begin by sorting the items into categories. Categorize everything into these 4 categories:

  1. Keep - these are items that will stay in the room you are organizing
  2. Give Away - items that fall in this category are: clothes, furniture, small appliances, books, etc. that are still in great condition and can be of use to someone else. Call your favorite charity and schedule a drop off time.
  3. Garbage- things that you no longer need or are broken
  4. Someplace Else - items that you find that belong in another room. The key here is to put all these items together and then LATER redistribute them to the rooms that they belong in. Do not do this until after you have categorized everything.

House Clutter Reduction Step #4 - "Move-Out-Move-Back-In"

The "move-out-move-back-in" method to the madness of home clutter organizing can be a bit time consuming, BUT it's one of the most effective way to get your home organized. Simply take out everything from all drawers and cabinets, the garage, rooms in the basement. Of course you won't be doing this all of these areas at once, only to your desired area. The reason for doing this is two-fold: it's easier to begin with an empty space and then fill it, rather than pushing things around, and the tendency is that you will want to put fewer items back in an empty room once you can see past the clutter, because it is no longer there!

House Clutter Reduction Step #5 - Utilize Your Space to the Max

Look for available space that may not otherwise apparent, such as vertical space. In the kitchen, items that you don't use often can be stored higher up on the top shelf or in the back of deep cabinets. While doing this, ask yourself when was the last time you used this item and if it is worthy of kitchen space or if perhaps it should be something that should be donated to someone who could use it more. Use the space on top of the fridge by placinig a decorative basket which may hold cereal boxes, oatmeal and granola bars. In the bedroom, utilize the space underneath your bed by getting flat storage bins that slide easily under the bed. Here you can store the opposite season of clothes - for example in summer, you can store your winter clothes here. Taking another look at the same space will help you spot otherwise wasted but valuable space.

Home Clutter Reduction Step #6 - Label All Containers

Label your containers. Use labels that adhere or stick on the the containers themselves to identify what's in them. Gain the most flexibility by not writing directly on the container itself, just incase you reuse the container in the future and the contents are changed. Labeling will also save you time in the future. It helps easily find the container, for example, should you decide to sell or give away a container of books or something. Labeling saves you from opening each container to locate them.

Organizing your entire house will take some time, especially if you have been living there for several years. But, once it's done and you have a clutter free home, the rewards will be many. You'll spend less time taking care of and looking for "things" and you'll have more time to do what you love. I can't think of better reward than that!

Use the above organizing ideas to help you get organized and your household will be free of clutter, and stress free. At the very least, stress free... Read as much as you can on this website to get free organizing ideas or enlist the help of a professional if you need to keep you on the right path to an organized and productive life.

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