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Organizing Kids

The modern day life of kids seems to be full of appointments and activities that may appear to surpass a CEO's schedule! Many children take part in multiple extra-curricular activities which may include sports, clubs and jobs. Take those activities and multiple it by more than one kid or teenager can create a challenge for organizing kids. This can quickly add up to a lot of scheduling commitments and possibly scheduling conflicts. How does one sort conquer this challenge? Find out for some survival tips which include organizing kids activities and more.

Cap the number of activities each child can participate in. One way to handle this is letting kids participate in only one extra-curricular activity at a time. This may be a difficult guideline to follow, depending upon your family interests. Ultimately you must determine the number of commitments you and your family can maintain comfortably and stay within that number. Although activities such as sports, club or music lessons offer valuable learning experiences and personal enrichment, don't lose sight in that school is a child's number one job. Therefore the number activities may be tied into a certain grade level to be achieved by the child in school.

Organizing Kids Activities

As children become older and teenagers, prior to agreeing to participate in a new activity, create a contract with summarizes the expectations from both yourself and your child. An example may be that you agree to drive your child to practices and watch one game per week, and your child agrees to keep their grades up and do assigned household tasks for the length of time of the activity. Include consequences for not abiding by the agreement rules and be ready to enforce the consequences if need be.

Before signing up for an activity, find out the schedule of practices, games, rehearsals, meetings, etc... Make sure that any of these don't already conflict with you or your kids' existing commitments. Organize kids with a family calendar with all the existing commitments, and make it easy by colour-coding the entries by family member.

Think ahead of your other responsibilities and plan for them. For example when you have an evening with no activities, cook up a double or triple batch of dinner and freeze the remaining portion to use on a evening when you don't have time to cook. Organizing kids may include enforcing setting time aside in advance for doing homework and chores.

Organizing Kids Transportation

Enlist help with transportation, this can be helpful if you have more than one child whose activity schedules conflict with one another. If you are not a single parent, ask you partner to help out with getting the children to and from activities. Team up with other parents and carpool, taking turns, which is also environmentally friendly. Find out if your kid's school and Boys & Girls Club about whether or not they offer transportation to activities.

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