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Organize Life Tips

It seems the busier a person's life is, the greater the need to organize life. Everyone survives in their own way and have their own systems and processes that may or may not work. If you have a few that aren't quite working for you, as well as they could be, check out a few of the organize life tips, such as bulking up tasks, that may help instead.

  1. Organize life to feel comfort and tranquilOrganize Life by Keeping Notes - keep a notebook and pen closeby, or use an electronic pda such as an iPhone to capture your ideas, appoints and things to do instead of keeping them in your head to remember them later on.
  2. Organize Life by Limiting Telephone Time - Determine a time limit for every phone call you make and let your caller know in advance of the time you have available for them. This will help in the stress of trying to end the conversation and helps the caller to condense the information that they need to communicate with you.
  3. Organize Life by Using Waiting Time Wisely - Snatch up the minutes, otherwise useless, waiting at the doctor's office or waiting in line ups to catch up on reading or planning. Plan to use this time for tidying up, filing or documenting the things you need to do.
  4. Organize Life by Appreciating Help - Be sure to recognize and give praise to a subordinate, colleague or family member for any efforts they have made to help you. If they feel appreciated, they will be happy to help you again when you need it.
  5. Organize Life by Doing it Now! When you procrastinate, you exert more negative energy and get stressed when you think about the item that you have been avoiding to do. It becomes bigger and bigger and then virtually impossible to accomplish. To avoid falling in this trap, tackle the biggest and most ugliest job first, dividing it up into baby steps. After you've finished this task, all others will be super simple to complete.
  6. Organize Life by Bulking Up the Efforts - Save time and steps by categorizing simplier tasks and doing them together, at the same time. For example, when running errands, do several similar ones in the same area and you will save effort and possible gas too! Make a list before you go out to carefully and strategically plan out your route, planning each stop along the way to avoid any backtracking and possibly losing time.
  7. Organize Life to Enjoy Life! Take time to recharge and allot personal time for yourself. Dedicate an appointment to yourself and don't cancel! It can be a small pleasure such as 15 minute bubble bath or a 20 minute walk in the fresh air!
  8. Organize Life by Making Room to Breathe - Purge any files that no longer serve a purpose for you today to make more room in your filing system
  9. Organize Life and Touch It Once - Make an effort to handle every piece of paper only once. Decide to read it and file it, redirect it elsewhere, schedule it for follow up later or toss it. Avoid stacking it in one pile on your desking thinking you will do something with it at a later time.
  10. Organize Life with Reminders - Use sticky notes to remind you of items that need to be done or errands to be made. Stick them to the inside of your door to remind you as you are leaving your house.
  11. Organize Life with Systems - Reduce time wasters such as trying to find things that are misplaced. Create a system that works for you and your lifestyle and follow it. Use it continuously and you will find new time opportunities that you never knew ever existed before!

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