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Kitchen Pantry Ideas - Days 3, 4 & 5

Day #3 - Kitchen Pantry Ideas - Containerize

Kitchen pantry ideas 3 hour timer Allow 3 hours

  1. Start your timer
  2. Review your list of package items. Beside this list write in what type and size of container that you need.
  3. Count up how many containers you need to buy.
  4. Before you buy containers, follow these kitchen pantry ideas:
    1. Only use square stackable containers! Rubbermaid has many wonderful products and so does Tupperware. If you want to go the economical route, go to WalMart and buy "Takealongs" by Rubbermaid. They have two sizes: a shallow and then a deeper size. Both sizes use the same kind of lid, which is convenient when you are rooting around your cupboard looking for a lid, one size fits all! See more kitchen pantry storage containers, for a complete description and pros and cons.

    2. Don't buy containers just because they look good or are funky - only buy containers with a purpose in mind for a particular item. Do not buy containers until you know exactly what you are going to use them for.
    3. Use larger containers to house multiple items. (IKEA has reasonably priced ones and you can buy the lids separately). If you have different types of crackers and cereal, take the bags out of the boxes and recycle them. Then put all crackers in one container and the same with the cereal. Make a large label for "Crackers" and "Cereal". The beauty of this is that when you are looking for crackers, they are all in one place. It also helps you quickly identify when you need to go shopping for more crackers
    4. for pop cans, use the Container Store beverage holder

Day #4 - Kitchen Pantry Ideas - Searching for "Dead Space"

Kitchen pantry ideas 1 hour timerAllow 1 hour
  1. Start your timer
  2. Look at your pantry space - are the items at the top of the shelf using all the space to the ceiling? Look at your top shelf, is the tallest item touching the ceiling? If there is too much head space above the tallest item (over 6"), you can adjust this shelf higher to gain more space for more stuff lower down.
  3. Once you've adjusted your top shelf, adjust your lowest shelf. For the floor, get a container on wheels, so that you can wheel it out easily and clean underneath with any hassle.
  4. Now look at the space in between and map out where you are going to put your items. All cans should go together on one shelf, etc... If you need to, get a handyman to build you more shelves or buy more shelves. Progressively make the shelves wider near the bottom, to get more stuff in your panty. But make sure that you don't hide items. Only put one rice in front of the other, not pasta in front of rice, etc...
  5. Play with your shelves, shuffle them around to see how things fit. This may take a bit of time, but it will be well worth it in the end when you maximize the amount of space you have in your pantry.

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Kitchen pantry ideas before photo Kitchen pantry ideas after photo


Day #5 - Kitchen Pantry Ideas - Label It

Kitchen pantry ideas 2 hour timerAllow 2 hours

  1. Start your timer
  2. If you haven't done so already, transfer all your items from bags into their designated containers.
  3. Make sure that your labels are clearly written. A label produced on a labelmaker, word processor or typewriter speaks with far more authority than a quickly scribbled handwritten label in pencil. As a result, you tend to honor the titles more when they are labeled this way. If you take the time to use a label maker, such as Brother P-touch hand-held electronic labeler, to label all your pantry items, you will see the difference it makes. For the clearest reading effect always use bold, black lettering on white label.

A Brother P-touch labeler for a kitchen pantry idea

Kitchen pantry organizers ideas

Pantry organization can be done quicker with the help of a professional organizer