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Kitchen Pantry Storage Containers

You can organize your pantry economically by using the following three featured kitchen pantry storage containers:

Kitchen Pantry Storage Containers - Rubbermaid Takealongs

Use these kitchen pantry containers to store bits and pieces of pantry items like nuts, seeds, dried fruit (craisins, sundried tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms), barley, oats, quinoa. These containers get all the small items out of the hard-to-store floppy plastic bags, especially if you buy bulk and find it hard to label the fat twist ties. The takealongs also stack quite nicely in the pantry, saving space, they are airtight and protect your food from bugs that otherwise would infest your plastic bags.

Shallow Takealong Kitchen Pantry Storage Containers Stackable Takealong Kitchen Pantry Storage Containers Deep Takealong Kitchen Pantry Storage Containers

Rubbermaid Takealongs are microwave reheatable, top rack dishwasher and freezer safe. They always keep their shape, even after putting them in the dishwasher (top) only and don't crack or warp.

They come in two different sizes: a shallow and a deeper size (6" x 6" and 3-1/2" in depth).

Microwave Safe Kitchen Pantry Storage ContainersDishwasher Safe Kitchen Pantry Storage ContainersFreezer Safe Kitchen Pantry Storage Containers

The Lids Make Them Work!

Both kitchen pantry storage containers use the same size lid, which is convenient when you are rooting around in your cupboard looking for a lid, any lid will do! The lids are made from a different type plastic; sturdy, thicker, and flexible with a large pull tab on one corner for easier opening. The soft lid grips the container tightly for great double seal that keeps food inside and helps prevent spills, yet it is easy to open, even out of the freezer. When closing, be sure to lift the lid corner up by the tab to release the air inside for longer freshness

The Right Price!

The Rubbermaid Takealongs kitchen pantry storage containers are affordably priced at around 2.00 a four pack. That's .50 cents per container with lids included. What a deal. They can be found at Walmart, Target, Kmart, and even grocery stores in the houseware section.

Kitchen Pantry Storage Containers - Rubbermaid Double Airtight Seal Canisters

Large Double Airtight Kitchen Pantry Storage ContainersThese Rubbermaid kitchen pantry storage containers are double airtight and are perfect for larger quantities such as rice, pasta and flour. Two sizes are available and they all have a handy handle. Square in shape and stackable for saving space in your pantry. The large opening at the top of the container makes it super easy to get the contents. It even has etched graduation marks so you know how much or little you have inside.

Kitchen Pantry Storage Containers - two sizes Kitchen Pantry Storage Containers that are stackable

Kitchen Pantry Storage Containers - Sterilite Roll Baskets

For super easy access to the deep bottom back of your pantry, the only kitchen pantry storage container that works is the Sterilite roll basket! Not only are the easy to access, but when you are cleaning your pantry and need to vacuum the floor, just slide these babies out and there you go, all done!

They are great for larger bottles of pop, wine, bottled water. To keep the bottles from clanking around and breakage, put foam pieces in to protect the bottles from each other.

Kitchen Pantry Storage Containers Sterilite roll baskets

A professional organizer can help you with kitchen pantry storage ideas