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Pantry Organization Ideas - Tackle Your Pantry Organization Now!

You know you should do it "one-day". It needs a complete over-haul, but just thinking about pantry organization is overwhelming and you aren't sure of where to start and how to accomplish it quickly, without becoming frustrated. It slaps you in the face everyday as you struggle to find the ingredients of "what to make for dinner". You never seem to find what you need, so you go out and buy it, only to find the next day that you had three of them that were shoved in the way back.

Let's Face It - Pantry Organization is NOT Easy!

Out of your entire home, it's one of the harder spaces to organize. The challenge comes from trying to cram in alot of stuff that are different shapes in sizes in in a very small space. Guaranteed - it will take you longer than you think. A typical pantry organization project will take anywhere from 12 to 15 hours, especially if you have to remove all shelving and strip wallpaper, like in the pantry organization photos below. But that might not be your case (consider yourself lucky). Regardless, it is not recommended to attack a pantry organization project all in one sitting. You will only frustrate yourself.

Pantry Organization Ideas For When You've Mustered Up The Courage To Start

Start with small baby steps. Here's a day-by-day, step-by-step pantry organization plan for you to follow.

Day #1 - Pantry Organization - The Big Cleanse

Pantry Organization 30 minute timerAllow 30 minutes

  1. Get a big garbage bag
  2. Start your timer
  3. Throw out all items that are old and expired or food that you will never eat. If you haven't touched in the past year, it's probably old and you are more than likely not going to eat it soon

Day #2 - Pantry Organization - Birds of a Feather, Flock Together

Pantry Organization 30 minute timerAllow 30 minutes

  1. Start your timer
  2. Move all like items together, for example, all dressings & condiments together, all baking items together, all packaged goods together, all canned goods together - you get the idea. View how to group basic pantry items.
  3. Create a list of all the package items you have, for example, brown sugar in a bag, rice in a bag
  4. Beside this list, estimate how much of each item you have, for example 5 cups of brown sugar (use a measuring bowl, if you need to get a better picture of how much 5 cups really is)

Pantry Organization Before & After Photos

(click on images for larger view)

Pantry Organization Before - Corner View Pantry Organization After - Corner View
Pantry Organization Before - Front View Pantry Organization After - Front View
Pantry Organization Before - Side View Pantry Organization After - Side View

Kitchen Pantry Ideas for Days #3, 4 & 5

Pantry organization can be done quicker with the help of a professional organizer