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Professional Organizers - How to Hire One

You've now decided that getting help from professional organizers is the best solution for you.  Great - what's the next step? How do you find professional organizers and how do you go find one that will work for you? Finding a professional organizer is pretty much the same as hiring any other service professional. You need to have a general idea of what services you are looking for and hire the person you feel most comfortable working with. Asking the right questions is uber important in determining whether or not there is a good fit.

Professional Organizers and Client Relationship - The Importance of the Rapport Factor

Comfort level with professional organizers is the most important factor.

Inviting a professional organizer to come into your home is a personal experience. You might feel very vulnerable when revealing your perceived disorganization. Keep in mind, that most professional organizers have seen most everything all before. In general, professional organizers are very compassionate, caring people who delight in helping you achieve your dreams - afterall that's their job!

Once you get started, the process of getting organized continues to be very personal. Look for someone with whom you feel comfortable. Someone who understands your needs, someone who you feel open and honest with.  You might find that after a session of working with a professional organizer and you've decided that you are not comfortable with their particular methodology or style.  It is important to know that your choice in a professional organizer is not irreversible. A professional organizer should be non-judgmental, encouraging and supportive. The person you choose should be a good listener and recommend a range of suggestions, alternatives and solutions to create the system which will work best for you.

It's in your best interest to find someone who shares your views. Most organizers are devoted to satisfying their clients. They will want to know if you're unhappy and more than likely, they will be happy to suggest a colleague who is better suited to work  with you. Your final decision when choosing professional organizers should be based on expertise, skill set, and personality which best suits you to help you achieve your goals. A good fit is the overriding deciding factor, even over cost.  The financial cost of becoming organize will not be worth it, if you do not have a good fit with your professional organizer.

The Cost of Professional Organizers

As with most professions, fees vary widely based on the consultant's experience, geographic location and competition. Many professional organizers charge by the hour ($50 to $200), while others will offer value-based pricing and charge by the project. Some will give you a choice of which option you prefer, so go with what you think is most appropriate for you.

Professional organizers will often request an on-site consultation visit to better understand the scope of the project and the extent of the services to be provided. Some charge for this visit, while others offer it for free.

Overall, it is recommended not to choose professional organizers strictly by price. Remember that finding an organizer with a skill set that matches your needs and a personality you "click" with is what will give you with the best value and deliver the results you expect in the shortest amount of time.

How to Find Professional Organizers

Where do you begin your search to locate the best professional organizers to work with you? This website is one the best places to start!  We have a vast list of professional organizers that are specifically trained in a variety of areas. Simply let us know what you need help with and your geographic location, and we will send you a list of reputable professional organizers and contact information who match your selected criteria.

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