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Your room is where you live and the place that you need to enjoy the most. How your room looks, is like a mirror of you, it's a direct reflection of the type of person you are and your character. If you are needing a makeover, there are many simple ways you can organize room look better and make you feel better about it. Waking up and seeing a room everyday that makes you smile, will make your entire day happy!

Read on to learn how to structure and organize room clutter, like keeping like items together, to get the room you deserve!

Organize room to feel comfort and tranquilOrganize Room: Items Your Will Need

  1. Patience
  2. Folders
  3. Holding Trays
  4. Stackable Trays
  5. Plan of Action!

Organize Room - Step #1 - Section out the room into functional quarters. Assign each quarter a specific purpose that reflects the activity or function of the items that live in that area of the space. For example, collect and sort all books and magazines and place them on book shelf. Decorate the space with other creative or artistic materials.

Organize Room - Step #2- Begin from the top down. Clean shelves, desktops, desk space, drawers and closet space first. Then work you way to the closet floor, under beds and clutter that is on the floor.

Organize Room - Step #3 - Use space efficiently with storage containers. Store similar items within the same space by using stackable storage boxes and plastic containers to maximize space.

Organize Room - Step #4 - Sort and store important documents by using folders and trays. Store them either in your desk, closet or under a bed, but the storing spot should be as close as possible to where you work and use these documents. Use labels that are typed for easy identification of each filing category. Somehow labels that are typed, and not handwritten are more likely to be followed. Your filing system depends upon your specific habits. Find a filing system that works best for you in order to maintain and update.

Organize Room - Step #5 - Keep like items together. Organize a room with items that compliment each other. For example, in the kitchen, organize appliances, cooking tools, and gadgets according to their function and use. In the living room, store all DVDs, CDs and remote controls for easy access. In the bathroom, think about your daily and weekly use of items and store bath and beauty products accordingly. Try not to store large quanitities of products in closed cabinets.

Organize Room - Step #6- Use vertical space and products designed to optimize the vertical space. Products such as over-the-door hangers can help store shoes in the bedroom. In the laundry room, use drying racks that hang from the wall or ceiling.

Organize Room - Step #7- Maintaining the organize room - you don't want to have to organize your room again in six months, that defeats the purpose of your efforts. You need make sure that you have created an organization system that you can live with and works for you. Once it's organized, it's up to you to maintain your system. If you are having difficulties keeping up with that system, this means that you might need to rethink how you store things. An organized room should be easy and not feel like a chore.

Organize It Now!

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