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Shoe Organizer

Shoes can quickly become disorganized in a closet when they are all jumbled in a pile on the floor. Typically this happens when one tries on several pairs of shoes before picking the pair that will fit your outfit for the day. If a couple of pairs of shoes are worn daily, they become an messy pile in no time at all, unless you have a shoe organizer system in place that is also easily maintained. Shoe organizer that saves space too!


A shoe organizer solution isn't hard; however, it does need new shoe organizer habits to be created and a new routine to follow.

Shoe Organizer Solutions

Here you will find a method for organizing shoes in your closet. To begin you need to get rid of shoes you no longer need and then sort them into a shoe organizer system that works for you. After you've establish new habits and routines to be used permenantely, you shoe clutter problem will disappear!

Empty all of your Shoes out of your Closet

Take each and every shoe out of the closet and put them in one central location, so that you have an overall view of all the shoes that you own. Quite often this is the hardest step, because it's the first step in gettin started. But once you've started, the process becomes easier and easier!

Shoe organizer systems help keep you organizedToss all Unneeded Shoes

Pick out all the shoes that are in bad shape, that you no longer wear, or that would better benefit someone else. Shoes that can still be used by others, donate them to a charity. The shoes that are too worn out or damage should be thrown away.

Sort Shoes and Separate by Purpose & Type

After you've reduced your shoes to only the ones you wear or will wear, these will go back into the closet. Before doing so, you will need to pair them up and sort them by type and purpose. First pair-up all the shoes, then sort the pile by season, for example, by season: warm and cold weather shoes or by type: running shoes, boots, sandals, etc. Once you have done this, you can continue to sort by colour.

Buy Shoe Organizers to Make your Closet More Efficient

Once you've paired, sorted and organized the shoes that you are keeping, it's time to consider shoe organizers to make sure you closet stays organized. There are many different shoe organizers that can help you keep organized and they are tailored for different spaces and personality types.

Shoe Organizer Habits & Routine

Once you have your shoe organizer system in place, you need to be sure to maintain it with good habits and a new routine. If you have a habit where you try on a pair or two of shoes and then leave them in front of the mirror, you will need to focus on changing that habit.

A new routine can really help you also. For example, shoes can be put away in their proper place as soon as they are taken off in the evening. Making the effort to do this simple step will reduce the problem or a larger organizing project in the future.

Shoe organizer systems can be made easier with the help of a professional organizer