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Storage Organization

Storage organization ideas may surprise you when you consider hidden areas that you may not have otherwise thought of. Putting some of these storage organization ideas in place can help you in more ways than you may be aware of... Did you know that the benefits to storage organization are:

  • Find what you need in less than two minutes
  • Make room for crafts and hobbies
  • Be in a clutter free environment, that otherwise stifles home living
  • Store your belongings so they remain in good condition
  • Feel confident that you know where your seasonal items are

Now that you know the benefits of storage organization, here's how you do it!

Storage organization is made easier with binsHow to Organize a Storage Locker

It's best to put your items into smaller boxes. For example, if you fill a very large box with books, you may realize that it is too difficult to lift. Also, if you know a certain book is in a large box, you will have to dig through many other books to get to it, which means you will need to put all these books back in the box, placing them carefully to make sure they all fit like they did originally.

Keep track of what's in the boxes by listing the contents on each box or label the boxes with letters or numbers and keep a master list on your computer at home.

Hidden Storage Organization Ideas for your Home

Built ins make storage organization attractiveIf you have a small space, taking away even more footage in a room for storage may seem to not make a whole lot of sense. But sometimes taking just a few feet by building cabinets or wall of closetss can solve your storage problems and sometimes even improve the proportions of a room. It may be a little costly for custome built-ins; but they certainly utilize space the most efficiently.

Working with a designer can provide you with invaluable help in creating a cabinet to a be added in a bathroom or in building a complete room, such as a home office/den/guest room. Built-in solutions include: home office workstations, entertainment centres, bookshelves, closet organizers and customized shelves that fit between wall studs in tub and shower areas.

Hidden Storage Organization Ideas in your Furniture

Murphy beds, tables, chairs, cots - anything that can fold up and stored elsewhere, placed on a hook or slid under a bed will save you space. Simple solutions such as a drop-leaf table to a more high-end, built-in pop-up countertop that hides small appliances in a kitchen island - there are no limits other than your imagination and budget for finding double-duty furnishings.

Wall Storage Organization Ideas

If you have available wall space - you have so many opportunities! Floor-to-ceiling built-in shelves and cabinets are great solutions for optimizing space. Simply keep a stepladder nearby for easy access. In the kitchen, consider installing a second bank of cupboards above the existing cupboards and use the space to store oversized items that you don't use often.

Storage organization ideas are plentiful when you work with a professional organizer