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Clutter Tips for Your Home

"Organize" is a big buzz word on many of today's popular decorating shows. Clutter tips for the home, including clutter tips for organizing books, magazines and papers can help families keep clutter at bay. When everything has a designated spot, and a spot that makes complete sense to you, keeping clutter from entering your home, is super simple and easy to maintain.

Home Clutter Tips

    Clutter tips that can help you find what is important to you fast
  1. Try looking at the rooms in your home as if you were a guest coming into your home for the first time. How do you feel when you see the room? Do feel overwhelmed with the items in the room? If so, there is a good chance that your guests feel the same.

  2. Give thought to the placement and arrangement when displaying you prized collections in your home. A good clutter reducing tip is to rotate pieces of a collection between storage and display or you can designate only one area as a showcase for the collection. The purpose is to prevent the room from looking like a store.

  3. Do you have a room that needs to serve more than one purpose, for example work and entertaining? Think of ways to make the room suitable for both activities. There are many decorative storage solutions for quickly storing work materials with a minimal amount of disruption. Arrange the space with seating comfort in mind, making the space inviting to you and your guests. Finally, remember the room's lighting. Find a good balance of task lighting for work and relaxing ambient lighting for entertaining. Try installing a combination of dimmers to control the overall room lighting, and strategically placed individual lamps.

  4. Bring a room to life by painting a room - it's quick and inexpensive way. Test out your colour of choice in the room by buying a small sample of the paint and painting a small area to make sure it's the colour that you are looking for. Paint colours look different, depending the lighting. Pick a paint with specific room activities in mind. Rooms with high-traffic requires paint that can easily be wiped to remove fingers prints, scuffmarks and crayons.

Clutter Tips for Books, Magazines & Papers

  1. Books can be display decoratively by stacking them on a shelf and placing a picture fram on top. Remember, books that you display will reflect your interests and you may or may not want to share all those interests with your guests.

  2. Only keep books that you have read if they have sentimental value, can be passed forward to a child or is used for reference. All other books should be passed on to others who may get a better use out of them.

  3. Keep only the current issue and one back issue of a magazine. Need a magazine for reference? File the entire magazine or better yet, just the article that you need. To reduce the amount of paper laying around the house or taking up space in files, see if you can find the same information online and bookmark for future reference.

  4. When filing papers put the most recent items upfront. Keeping to this system will help you when you clean out the files, you will automatically know that the most dated information is at the back. To save even more space, scan your files to your computer.

Try the above clutter tips to help you get organized and your household will be free of clutter, and stress free. Read about 7 everyday organizing solutions that you can put into motion right away or get the help of a professional who can help you get on a clutter free path quicker.

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