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Getting Organized Tips

The purpose of getting organized isn't to make your home spotless and sterile - it's to make your life more peaceful and functional. Follow some of the getting organized tips below and you'll pleasantly surprise yourself with less clutter, more quality time for yourself and your family, and getter productivity. Get your family involved by using these family getting organized tips below.

General Getting Organized Tips

  • Keep remote controls handy and all together by placing a decorative basket on the coffee table.
  • Store cleaning supplies in a plastic caddy (instead of shelf space) making it easier for you to tote it from room to room.
  • Create an in box that is easily accessible on your desk for papers, such as: bills, permission slips, etc. Schedule time each day or every other day to prioritize and process the appropriate papers.
  • Don't wear shoes in the house.  Take them off and store them near the entrance. Wearing shoes in the house, litters your space, increases your risk of physical harm and cause 91% of the dirt on your floor.
  • When storing items, place larger ones behind smaller ones. In fact it's best to simply store large and small items separately.
  • Store small items in small containers - not large ones, where they will be lost and it's not good use of space.
  • Buy quality shelves when creating a storage system. Stay away from using thin particle board shelving, as it is a poor, short-term solution since temperature and time will quickly make these short-lived.

Getting Organized Tips for the Family

  • Store in every room, baskets or decorative containers for quick tidy up and play time.
  • For toys outside, get a weatherproof storage box and store toys inside. For outdoor balls, collect them up and store them in a large, mesh drawstring bag that can be easily kept in the garage.
  • Create a daily before bedtime game: get all family members to pick up clutter for 15 minutes and a prize goes to the person who can pick up the most things in the shortest amount of time.
  • Devote an area for a family message center on the refrigerator or another noticeable place and keep shopping lists, reminders, calendars, and phone messages in this area.

Getting Organized Tips for the Kitchen

Creating a Grocery List Only Once for Many Trips

  • Create a master grocery list using your computer's spreadsheet or word processing program.
  • Group the groceries into categories such as frozen, dairy, and so on.
  • In each category, list the most common items that you buy.
  • Set up the grocery list to reflect how your favorite grocery store's isles are laid out.
  • Print multiple copies and keep one copy closeby for the current week.
  • Highlight the items you need, when you see you are low on a grocery item or when you're preparing your grocery list for the week
  • Continuously modify the document by adding new items and/or removing items you no longer buy.
  • Include a spot on the document for miscellaneous items where family members can write down what they need that is not already on your list.

More Getting Organized Tips for the Kitchen

  • Keep only one pad, notebook or planner in the kitchen, in one specific spot so you always know where it is. Don't have more than one, as this will cause you to have notes and messages scattered around the house, some of which you will never read again!
  • Store brooms and mops in a closet neatly in the snap-in, spring-loaded holders.
  • Store leftovers only in see-through containers, better yet, get clear glass containers with a tight lid for the healthiest option.
  • Create a  "kitchen tool box" that can hold scissors, rubber bands and batteries. This "kitchen tool box" can be stored neatly on a shelf, replacing an inefficient junk drawer.

Use the above organizing ideas to help you get organized and your household will be free of clutter, and stress free. At the very least, stress free... Read as much as you can on this website for free clutter tips or enlist the help of a professional if you need to keep you on the right path to an organized and productive life.

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