Organizing Ideas - "Touch it Once" Rule

The biggest and greatest of all organizing ideas is to think about handling your items only once and you will find that your actions are alot more efficient in keeping clutter at bay. For example, instead of putting a dirty dish in the sink, why not put it immediately in the dishwasher? If the diswasher is full, handwash the item right away and keep doing this until you empty the dishwasher. You will surprise yourself at how quickly you will start to unload the dishwasher right away after it's cleaned.

Another example of putting your things directly into permanent storage space is with your clothes - it's just as easy to put dirty clothes directly in the hamper, rather than on the bedroom floor. To keep maintaining this "touch it once" you must make sure every item has a home which may require you to get different organizing ideas with the space you have. When everything has a designated spot, which makes complete sense to you, keeping clutter from entering your home, will be super simple.

Organizing Ideas - Use of Containers

Firstly, do not buy containers until you know specifically what you are going to put in that container and if the container will fit on the shelf, cupboard or wherever it ends up living.

When you do know exactly what type of container you need, both aesthetics and function are equally important when choosing containers for your belongings. Keep things as much fun to put away as they are to take out by using attractive, sophisticated storage that matches the decor of your room or home.

A great money saving idea that also saves time by not having you go shopping, is to reuse what you already have lying around your house: baskets, boxes or shelves can be freshened up with a new outside look of fabric or paint. Most times, this is a cheaper alternative than buying a specialty container, which can work just as well for organizing. The main point is to buy containers last, not first, so you know they'll work for your needs.

If you are needing storage boxes, buy plastic bins and not cardboard boxes to store your items. Cardboard does not last and collapse, whereas plastic storage bins that stack will save you time in the long run and space by being stackable. The best kinds are clear, so that you can see what's inside. But of course you will be storing like items together and labelling your bins to easy find what's inside.

Stackable containers are excellent organizing ideas

Organizing Ideas - Use of Space

Use every part of your home. Floor space is not the only real estate that is available for storage bins, shelves, and other office furniture. Look at the vertical space on your walls, not just the horizontal. For example tall and narrow shelves can be more space efficient than short and wide. What about the space on the back of doors, in the hallways, under desks the vertical space in your garage?

Organizing Ideas - What you Can Get Rid Of

Having difficulties giving yourself permission on what you should get rid of? Use the list below as a guide when deciding to what you need to remove in order to give yourself room to breathe in.

  1. Clothes that don't fit.
  2. Objects you don't like even if they were gifts.
  3. Outdated papers (newspapers, magazines, invitations to events, expired coupons and calendars).
  4. Things that you have more than one of. How many do you really need?
  5. Broken items that are too expensive to fix.

Use the above organizing ideas to help you get organized and your household will be free of clutter, and stress free. At the very least, stress free... Read as much as you can on this website to get free organizing ideas or enlist the help of a professional if you need to keep you on the right path to an organized and productive life.