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7 Organizing Solutions & Tips for Everyday

Finding a few organizing solutions which make complete sense to you, keep clutter from coming into your home and are easy to stick to is the key to success! From finding a system to keep you on track to deciding where to donate, try a few of these 7 organizing solutions and perhaps one or two will fit your lifestyle.

Organization Solution #1 - Keep On Track: Eat the Frog!

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If organizing seems like a chore or something you can't seem to commit to, then "eat the frog". This is an old saying which means that "If the first thing you do every morning is to eat a live frog you can go through the day with the peace of mind of knowing that that is probably the worst thing that is going to happen to you all day long!"

Your "FROG" is the one task you are most likely to procrastinate on if you don't do something about it now! It is also the one task that can have the greatest positive impact on your life and results at the moment.

As a result if you spend just 20 ato 30 minutes on an organizing task everyday before you go to work or drop the kids off at school, you'll feel much better throughout the day and know that you are free to do things you really enjoy. This organizing solution also helps for those days where everything seems to get in the way of your carefully scheduled plans.

Organizing Solution #2 - Block Interruptions

It never fails, every time you start to organize your closet, the phone rings, and then keeps ringing. A big source of interruption in the evenings is caused from telemarketers and even family and friends. Once you have decided that you want to get things done without interruptions, book a night each week when family and friends know that you are not available, except for emergencies.

Organizing Solution #3 - Decide Where to Donate

There are many donating options, identify where you want all your clothes and unwanted items to go that you are getting rid of. Options include: well known charities, local churches or consignment stores. There are women's organizations that welcome gently worn office attire for women entering the workforce, and prom dress drives are fantastic for your daughter's gown which takes up a good portion of the closet. A few quick calls can help you determine the best home for where your items are most needed. Once you know that they will be in a better and more useful place, your purging will go faster, and free your conscious.

Organizing Solution #4 - Uncover Your Fridge

Are 25 refrigerator magnets really needed, or will only a few favourites do? The fridge door often becomes a catch all for mismatched magnets, phone numbers and fast food take-out menus. Start by removing everything from the fridge surface and organize by sorting ads, coupons and scraps of papers in piles. If you have phone numbers, type or print them neatly on one single sheet. Appointments should be marked in your planner, and coupons can be put together in a coupon book.

Organizing Solution #5 - Throw Away Old Medicines

Get organized by sorting through your medicines, both over-the-counter and prescription and dispose of any that have expired. Be sure to dispose medications in a way that won't contaminate the water. It's not safe to flush them down the toiled or down the sink. A safe way to throw away expired medication is to the pills with coffee grinds or if you have pets, with their litter. Take this time to also rethink where your medicines are located, they may be in a logical place, but they need to be in moisture-free environment and out of reach from children. All medicines should be stored in their original containers, unless you are traveling and need to reduce the size to a pillbox.

Organizing Solution #6 - Receipts & Bills

Have heaps of receipts and bills all over your home? Need fast organizing solutions to get them quickly in order? Follow these quick steps:

  • Collect all your receipts from all places in your home and pile them in one big pile
  • Make a quick pass through and separate which payments have cleared and which ones are still pending
  • Check all receipts and bank machine receipts against your monthly bank statement
  • Throw away grocery and clothing receipts if you have decided to keep the product and don't plan on returning it to the store
  • Designate one envelope and one spot for credit card receipts and vow from now on that you will place all your credit card receipts in this one envelope until you pay that month's bill.
  • Before tossing receipts you no longer need, shred them

Organizing Solution #7 - Never Run Out of Milk, or Pasta

Designate a specific spot (and only one spot) for the grocery list in your kitchen (not your bottomless purse!). Keep an index card or notepad on the fridge or at the kitchen communication center. When you find that you run out of an ingredient, write it down right away. You'll no longer have the days of getting half-through your tuna casserole and realizing you don't have any pasta!

Try out the above organizing solutions to help you have a household free of clutter, and free of stress. Get free organizing solutions on the website or if you need a little help, try find a professional organizer start you on the right path to an organized and productive life.

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